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Princess Eco - refined by Dangerman-1973

I don't want to be mean but you've done better. Way better. The execution of the drawing isn't technically bad, it's just that in terms...

Pulsar Time Travel Strip by Dangerman-1973

It may be just me, but I always thought that giving Superman a time travel ability in the movie was a mistake. Being able to time trave...

Critiques. I want to mostly do those for people I consider to be internet friends, not for people who already get a lot... Maybe you'll discover interesting things here?




Page in Hiatus

Mon Oct 28, 2013, 12:35 PM

There will be no updates on this page until publication of the first book of my manga.

Except maybe minor things one in a while. Especially commissions I get permission to share.


A. Why a hiatus ?

I am producing my manga while working part-time and living alone. I didn't want to take the risk of producing an artwork without proving the detractors in my family that I could sustain myself. While this may sound kickass, it also means that my human limitations kick in, since I have to cumulate a bread job with comic art.

Considering how much time and resources I am investing in my comic/manga, I can not afford to give it away for free, and I also don't have the time and means to produce much bonus free art.

Because of this, I'd rather officially announce this page as being in hiatus officially. I just can't submit stuff to it.

B.When will it end?

My plan is rather to come out of the cave with a finished product, and start THEN to think about marketing and bonus to drag people in.

What is kind of sad is that I'll probably have to back to my cave after that marketing "outburst", in order to produce the next book. What this means is that this page will sadly no longer be active that much.

So the hiatus is basically "eternal", but sometimes I'll come back for "events" in which I'll show extracts, give info, show extras, and other stuff.

C. Since you talk so much about it, what is this comic/manga about?

The manga is called "Serina the, star guardian". It is a magical girl story aiming to be enjoyable by both children and adults.
It is a colored comic. I am also fine with calling it a manga since the style is so inspired by japanese sequential arts. Some will say it is not a manga if it doesn't have screen tones in black and white, so these people can just say "comic" if they want. XD

The pitch of the story:
Serina, an ordinary young girl, receives from her Grandma the responsibility of becoming a Star Guardian, one of the many with the responsibility of protecting the stars from the Dark Empress, goddess of all the void and black holes, who threatens to swallow all light to create her eternal empire.
On her journey, Serina will eventually discover that the Dark Empress may be even more than a galactic tyrant, as she seems immortal, lurking perpetually inside the hearts of all human beings.
By fighting this desperate battle against the Empress inside and outside her own heart, Serina will embark on the journey of spiritual growth, doing her best to bring a little shard of light in a world of seemingly eternal darkness.

D. Well, that sounds kinda nice, I guess.


We will just go with that plan, then. ;)

If you want news on Serina and are interested in this project, it is a good idea to start watching this page.

Thanks a lot for your attention and see you around!

Request/Commissions rules :…

Available prints :
The Bloodstained Mirror by HyaKkiDouR4n BM - Ciel's Angel Form by HyaKkiDouR4n BM - Dancing in the sky by HyaKkiDouR4n BM - 3 friends by HyaKkiDouR4n Elven Sharpshooter v.2 by HyaKkiDouR4n Codename : Black Nova by HyaKkiDouR4n Est-ce donc cela...le Mariage? by HyaKkiDouR4n Lutecia - Goddess of Light by HyaKkiDouR4n Lilith - Goddess of Darkness by HyaKkiDouR4n Illis - Goddess of the winds by HyaKkiDouR4n Eiin - Goddess of Ice by HyaKkiDouR4n Faera - Goddess of Fire by HyaKkiDouR4n Arquatia - Goddess of Water by HyaKkiDouR4n Gaelle - Goddess of the Earth by HyaKkiDouR4n Desire - Goddess of Love by HyaKkiDouR4n A japanese spring by HyaKkiDouR4n Victory girl - Flight by HyaKkiDouR4n

Stamps :

Stop fandom abuse - Naruto by HyaKkiDouR4nWings maniac stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nShut Up You're Not Japanese by sambeesH-game style lover stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nAh my goddess stamp oo1 by Kaze-yoBoobies stamp by Funeral-Of-JoydeviantART, not deviantspace by poorjack.:I forget shit.: by Da-DingoSupport Creativity by Putri-984Aquanox fan stamp by HyaKkiDouR4nNational Sarcasm Society by jolaedanainsane stamp by Aggrotard

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Otaku Snob
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<In this Space, insert description of pretty much any nerdy computer/video game addict who discovered a passion for drawing in his late teens thanks to anime>


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Hey guys, welcome to my page!
As you probably guess, I am an amateur anime artist. I take some commissions once in a while for professionnals, but it usually doesn't end up here.
I know my art isn't the greatest around, but hopefully you'll find some of it interesting. :)

Salut à toi, internaute. Tu peux m'appeller Hyakkidouran, ou même Hyakk, et comme tu as dû remarquer, je dessine des mangas. Surtout pour le fun, occasionellement pour un petit boulot ponctuel d'illustration.
Ce blog est essentiellement écrit en anglais, mais je suis francais alors n'hésite pas à laisser un message! :)

私 は 漫画 や イラスト を 描く フランス人 の アマ です。 インタネト で "百鬼同乱" (hyakkidouran) の 名前 を 使ています。
私 の 日本語 は 完璧 じゃない けど、私 の ページ に コメント を したい なら、 どうぞ。一生懸命 返事 する つもり です。
よろしく お願い します ね。 

What do you think is the fairest way for a webcomic to sutain itself and its author? (Ads on the site are a given) 

14 deviants said Selling goodies (mugs, T-shirts...)
13 deviants said All of the above
12 deviants said Selling the printed version of the comic
12 deviants said A combination of some of the above (comment)
6 deviants said I would not mind a small yearly fee for access to extras + no ads
4 deviants said Ads can be removed by making a donation over a certain (small) amount
4 deviants said Access to bonus content for making a donation over a certain amount
2 deviants said Other (comment)



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Thanks for the fave.
Just for curiosity,  what do you think of mlp and bronies? Problem? 
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Are you asking this before or after seeing my stamps?

Because I pretty much said it all there.
Problem? :thumb272836213: Problem?

Sorry I really should take a look 1st before asking.
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my very first cake!!!
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I guess these digital gift thingies are the most suited items to say "it's not much, but it's the intention that truly counts".
Glad you enjoyed, even though it's just a few pixels. ;)
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Happy Birthday.
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Thanks. :)
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I'll have to use my digital stomach! XD

Thanks. :)
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