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October 17, 2008
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TF2 Engineer Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n TF2 Engineer Stamp by HyaKkiDouR4n
I explain my situation... (you may not care about this)

As you probably know by now if are one of my watchers, I value a lot to do regular updates, even if for this I have to dig up old stuff or use a few minutes of my workplace's lunch break to do quick thingies like stamps or memes.

It's especially true when I work on something long and/or that requires more than drawings.
My Victory Girl game and its Pulsar Pureheart version are perfect examples of this...

In fact I could post all the things done for those games, but I rather keep some surprise. I spoiled more than enough of the ending of Victory Girl already.

Since discovering those things in game would be so more entertaining...
In order to gain the time I need, I officially declare this week to be the TEAM FORTRESS 2 FILLER WEEK!

My Pyro stamp I made for someone gave me the idea to do all the other characters of Team Fortress 2.
There are 9 total, and since the Pyro was done before, that makes 8 remaining.
So I'll post one per day, with a special bonus of 2 today as some kind of apology for not giving you anime girls for the week.

I am hoping that this way, the games will be more interesting to discover :) ...

...Please don't kill me. you'll get boobies after that, I swear! =p

Actual comment :

The Engineer obviously deserved a joke on his catchphrase "Spy sappin' my sentry" he says everytime one of his machines get sabotaged.
I had the idea of making the stamp itself getting sabotaged by an electro-sapper (the black box)That makes a stamp not very standard in size, but so much more funny.

Team Fortress belongs to Valve, future owner of all your games with steam =p

TF2 Stamps - Pick your favourite !

Scout : [link]
Soldier : [link]
Pyro : [link]
Demoman : [link]
Heavy : [link]
Engineer : [link]
Medic : [link]
Sniper : [link]
Spy : [link]
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